Ser el primer referent a Catalunya com a servei integral per a escoles, in the areas of alimentation, health and leisure. This aspects are clearly related and therefore, there is the need of an entity able to manage them coordinately, as a whole with own peronality. That means we offer school canteens, summer camps, after school activities and cultural stages among others.


We meet the kids needs, refered to diferent areas not directly related with education in class, but with huge importance for their development, physical and also psychomotor. At the same time, we also include helping elements for the families and staff, referred to alimentation, health and leisure, that can help in the detection of problems, or in the explanaiton of certain attitudes in the classes and/or in the family life. For this reason, it is really important to be in touch with the staff and provide relevant information from other areas.

We contribude in the kids' development and making more actractive the food intake, along history they have been a really hard task for many families, with a dinamic and innovative cuisine with a touch of author cuisine suitable for the kids. The area of alimentation has to also have objectives in relation with the health-linked habits, inside of the canteen, and with playful and pedagogical activities that help to complement pedagogically the midday time.

We will give guidelines of possible solutions referred to the main problems of the child population, with a reinforcement of site visits of our doctors.

We organize extracurricular activities, school camps, camps and thematic stages, always under a mutual educational axis and with the supervision of the staff, contributing in a healthy development of the kids.


The values that we promote in our organization, are also included in all the projects in which we are involved:

The words "nature" and "environment" should be present in our usual vocabulary and thoughts. We have to respect the environment and coexist in a healthy way. Recycle, maximize renewable energy or know better our natural surroudings, are activities that we should consider usual in our daily life.

Health isn't just an unidimensional physical condition, but the elements that turn it in a tridimensional concept: Physic, mental and social.

– Physical health: We have to be responsible with our body and keep it in a good condition

– Mental health: We have to search for the mental balance in order to be better in our lifes and bring serenity, to our environment.

– Social health: We have to look for healthy relations with other human beings,
making respectful and serene relational atmospheres, developing social abilities as empathy and assertiveness.