During the last years, leisure has suffered a substantial change which has led to a specialization of their activities in different areas (clubs, extracurricular, school camps…). Because of this, often we have lost the essence of leisure in which the main objective was not only the fun for children, but also sending values ​​for peaceful coexistence.

This last point is especially pronounced in the leisure lunch time, which has been abandoned and has been doomed to a constant routine with lack programming activities and, as a resume, from leisure itself, often leading to a conflict between children.

Currently, companies that carry leisure services canteens in schools, are limited to helping children acquire hygienic habits and food, really important tasc, of course, but often they forget the moments of recreation, which aren't less important. In these, children relate outside the established order in the classroom and, without a dynamic part of the team of leisure educators, often there are misunderstandings and coexistence problems . A lot of times, many children, can not find their place in the playground and frequently feel lonely, bored…

Escola Saludable, educational organization dedicated to leisure, commits for «game» as a tool to approach the child to experimentation, to leadership, to enjoyment. Thereby, we believe that a good team of educators and a constant stimulation of children, not only do the children have a good time, but also significantly reduce the conflicts of relationship between them. The persistent presence of educators, and the proposal of games and activities, makes kids focus on what they do, are treated at all times, and yet, work cooperation, solidarity and other values ​​immersed in the philosophy and objectives of the developed games .

For all these reasons , we present the «Playground educators» project , which wants to offer to AMPA and educative centers, a quality service for lunch periods encompassing entertainment for children, development of values ​​and reducing coexistence conflicts . This way, we continue in order to give children a 360º wellness, in other words, taking care of every detail of their environment, from the first minute to the last, looking for their happiness and personal growth.